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Tournament Rules - amended 4th June 2012

1)    The Tournament shall be known as the Hughes Insurance Foyle Cup

2)    The Tournament shall be organised by a Committee formed by the Derry and       District Youth F.A., (an affiliated Football Association with the Irish Football     Association) and shall be known as the Organising Committee.

3)    All players participating must be in one of the following age groups;

1)    Under 19  Players born on or after 1st January 1993 

2)    Under 16  Players born on/after 1st Jan 1996

3)    Under 15  Players born on/after 1st Jan 1997

4)    Under 14  Players born on/after 1st Jan 1998

5)    Under 13  Players born on/after 1st Jan 1999

6)    Under 12  Players born on/after 1st Jan 2000

7)    Under 11  Players born on or after 1st Jan  2001

8)    Under 10  Players born on/after 1st Jan 2002

9)    Ladies - minimum age of 14 on 1st January 1998

4)    Each player must have proof of date of birth at registration, either through birth certificate, passport or player registration card. This must be available for inspection upon request throughout the tournament.  Failure to provide adequate proof may result in forfeit of all matches and results adjusted accordingly.

(a)   Each team Form the Under 12 competition and older will be limited to 18 players.  Each team in the Under 10 & 11 mini soccer competitions will be limited to 12 players.  Full details must be lodged with the Organising Committee not later than Friday 29th June using the downloadable form on the Foyle Cup website

(b)   Each team is requested to play in numbered strips as submitted and printed in the programme. Each player must use the same number throughout the Tournament.

(c)   The Hughes Insurance  Foyle Cup is an open Tournament and eligible teams may be either club teams or  representative teams.

(d)   The Organising Committee shall have sole discretion to accept or reject the                 application.

(e)   By entering the Tournament, teams undertake to accept the arrangements             and decisions made by the Organising Committee.

(f)   By allowing team participate in first game, team officials by default agree to abide by all relevant regulations within these rules.

5)    The Tournament entry fee is £150 per team. Each team is free to organise their own accommodation or if so desired, the Organising Committee will organise same.  Such details of  requirements must be made known 3 months prior to Tournament.

6)    The tournament shall be of the format as follows. In the first round, all teams will be placed in groups of 4 teams (unless notified otherwise).  Teams will play each other team in their group once at a venue and on a date as notified by the Organising Committee.  3 points are awarded for winning a tie and 1 point for a draw.  Teams will then be categorised in subsequent rounds based on their position within the group in accordance with details in rule 7.

7)    Rules for knockout stages are as follows:

a)     Under 10 & 11 mini soccer.  6 x group winners and 2 x best 2nd placed teams play in Foyle Cup.  Remaining 4 x 2nd placed teams and 4 best 3rd placed teams play in Foyle Plate.  Remaining 8 teams in Foyle Rosebowl.

b)     Under 12 & 14. 6 x group winners and 2 x best 2nd placed teams play in Foyle Cup.  Remaining 4 x 2nd placed teams play in Foyle Plate. 4 best 3rd placed teams in Foyle Rosebowl. Remaining 2 x 3rd placed teams plus 2 best 4th placed teams in Foyle Shield. Remaining teams in Foyle Vase.

c)     Under 13. 3 Group winners plus best 2nd placed team in Foyle Cup. Remaining 2nd placed teams plus 2 best 3rd placed teams in Foyle Plate. Remaining teams in Foyle Shield.

d)     Under 15 & 19. Group winners in Foyle Cup.  2nd placed teams in Foyle Plate.  3rd placed teams in Foyle Rosebowl and 4th placed teams in Foyle Shield.

e)     Under 16.  5 group winners and 3 x best 2nd placed teams in Foyle Cup.  Remaining 2nd placed teams and 2 best 3rd placed teams in Foyle Plate. Remaning 3rd placed teams and best 4th placed team in Foyle Rosebowl.  Remaining teams in Foyle Shield.

f)     Ladies. 1st and 2nd placed team in Foyle Cup.  3rd and 4th palced team in Foyle Plate.

g)     All age groups will see teams play classification games through to the final day, ensuring same number of games for all teams in a classification.

8)     If after the conclusion of the Group matches, the points system has not been decisive, goal difference shall apply in this order:

a)      Results between teams if they have played each other

b)     The team with the greatest difference between goals for and goals (goal difference)

c)     The team which has scored the higher number of

d)     If teams have met in their final game, a penalty shoot out in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

e)     A draw shall take place in tournament office to which both teams welcome. Draw will be made 2 hours after the official kickoff time unless one match delayed by extenuating cicumstances.

9)    If any of the matches in the knock-out stages of the  various tournaments ends in a draw, the result will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

10) The duration of matches shall be as follows

a)     Under 10 & 11             15 minutes each way

b)     Under 12, 13, 14          25 minutes each way

c)     Under 15, 16 , Ladies   30 minutes each way

d)     Under 19                      35 minutes each way

11) Match day regulations:

a)     A size 5 leather ball will be provided by the Organising Committee Under 13 and above including Ladies.  A size 4 ball will be provided for Under 12 and below.

b)     Five (5) substitutes may be used at any stage of the match. (Mini Soccer to use unlimited rolling substititues)

c)      All  teams must be at the relevant pitch 30 minutes before kick-off.

d)      All Tournament matches will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as laid down by the International Football Association Board.

e)     Referees and Assistant Referees who must be in membership of a recognised Refereeing Association shall be appointed by the Organising Committee to each match. Teams have no right of appeal with respect to appointments.

f)     If the team colours may lead to confusion, one team, determined by the toss of          a coin shall change.

g)     Venues throughout the Council areas of Derry, Limavady and Strabane will be used and teams are expected to play on any pitch as nominated by Organising Committee.

h)    In the event of the Tournament Programme and Website having conflicting information, the Tournament Programme is the official version for group games and the website for knockout stages as venues sometimes get altered at this point for logistical reasons.  If in doubt teams are expected to contact Tournament Office.

12) Discipline  & Control

a)       If a player is sent off the field by the Referee he shall be automatically suspended from taking part in his team’s next match in the Tournament. Teams should not expect to be notified and failure to exclude player from team may lead to forfeiting game at discretion of Organising Committee.

b)      If the offence is a serious one, his case shall be considered by the  Organising Committee who shall be entitled to impose a more severe  punishment.

c)     Any player sent off twice, shall automatically be suspended from the remainder of the Tournament.

d)     If a player receives two cautions in different matches he shall be automatically suspended from taking part in his team’s next match in the Tournament. Again this is automatic and teams should not expect to be notified.

e)     Any player receiving a caution who avoids being cautioned in the next 2 matches played by his team shall have the initial caution cancelled from the records.

f)     Referees shall report cautions and sending off offences to the Organising Committee who shall inform the Irish Football Association who will report to the National Association or Associations concerned.


13) Any protest must be made not later than 2.5  hours from the official kick off time of the match in question, in writing, to the Organising Committee and be accompanied by a deposit of £50.  (if a match is scheduled to kick off for example at 3pm – protest must be made by 5:30pm) Deposits will only be refunded if the protest is upheld by the Organising Committee. The Committee’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.  If the conditions of  this rule are not complied with, the protest will not be competent.

14) A team list must be handed to the Referee before the commencement of each match indicating which players are starting game.

15) The winners and runners-up all classifications shall  receive trophies together with adequate medals or momentos for all players on official team list.  (12 or 18 depending on age group)

16) Teams must have adequate Insurance cover in respect of participation at this Tournament. Teams entering the  Foyle Cup accept that the organisers accept no responsibility for personal injury or loss as a result of participation in the  Foyle Cup tournament. Taking the field in their opening game is seen to represent acceptance of this rule.

19.       Any question of interpretation or any other matter not specifically covered by           these rules will be determined by the Organising